Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cody Kunyk and the Nanooks Take ACC to the Woodshed 7-2

This is rapidly changing from a rivalry to an ownership. All I'm going to say right now is that Cody Kunyk is like a man amongst children. Certainly a guy you don't want to leave open ever, but Anchorage didn't learn that soon enough. Torched tonight for 4 by the Nanooks senior who put a clinic on not just for his parents who were in the crowd, but for the NHL scouts that made it to town for this series. I've heard 3 teams have representatives in town, Edmonton, Tampa Bay, and Anaheim are the teams that I have heard. Anaheim is the only one that I can actually confirm. 

Tyler Morley put the exclamation point on this one with two early goals in the first period. The first was an absolute beauty of a rocket over the glove on the rush. The air would be quickly let out of the building as Tyler went down on an awkward hit delivered by Austin Coldwell coming out from the boards. Weird momentum, Tyler didn't see it coming. Strange angle. Wasn't a dirty hit, just one of those things that gets a little scary. Watching him in pain as he's helped off the ice was a very unsettling feeling. 

I very much hope that he's OK. I do not know how serious the injury is. Obviously I hope its minor. But all things considered, I don't expect him to play tomorrow.

Tomorrow is senior night, so be sure to get their early to support our 3 graduating seniors. All 3 of these guys are exemplary young men and we owe it to them to give them the send-off they deserve. Going to be an emotional one, I'm sure I'll shed a tear or two. These guys are special. 

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Anonymous said...

Ever the phrase "going in dry"? That's pretty much what happened last night.