Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Introduction

My friend Britton has recently been kind enough to allow me column space within his blog. It is very important because I prefer to be anonymous to all. I wish to be the "deep throat" of Nanook hockey statistics. This is important to me going forward because as Shakira often says "the hips don't lie", neither do the stats. We may love them or hate them but we simply can't escape them. Wow, sounds like a song, by the way music is the sound of math but that's a story for another entry. The numbers are the "facts" of today. They may change with time as a variable but they are constant today.

As many coaches have said in the past, we may think we are better than our record today but ultimately we are what our record or stats says we are. In other words, you can outrun the numbers in the short run but eventually the math will simply catch up and overwhelm you. I will give you examples of this in future posts.

My background is mathematics and I hope to share with you in the future the true beauty of math and it's application in the "real world" and specifically as it applies to Nanook hockey and the WCHA conference. As a mathematician, it is often said that we live within a matrix. In mathematics, a matrix (plural, matrices) is a rectangular array of numbers, arranged in rows and columns. A major application of matrices is to represent linear transformations but perhaps that is too much information (TMI) at this time. Let's just say that cryptography or the encryption of secret codes involves passing the information transferred through a matrix for encryption (encoding), and the inverse matrix for decryption (decoding).

I have followed Nanook hockey for many years and the statistics are constantly pouring through my matrix for decryption. Many stats this season have stood out after decryption and I hope to discuss them and future anomalies in future posts.......

Math Rocks!

Go Nooks,
The Stat Guy


Squarebanks said...

Question #1, how badly are we beating UAA this weekend?

TheStatGuy said...

I expect Kamal in net and to stand on his head initially as he did against some of the other top teams in the WCHA. Ultimately, skill and speed will win out and I would expect scores in the 5-2, 6-3 range due to the emotional nature of the series in a Nanooks sweep.

Squarebanks said...

I hope you're right!