Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Long Road Home

A bit of a lapse in posts for a while, I know. Things have been pretty crazy, but I did get a couple of videos up over at the YouTube channel. I need to invest some time getting all of the graphics and stuff done for the channel to make it look better, but for now its a good spot to throw videos and embed remotely here.

Obviously, not a great run the Nanooks are on right now. Sitting solidly in 9th place out of a playoff spot, but the standings are very tight through the middle. Not a lot of points separate the Nanooks and the rest of the field which is sort of the saving grace right now.

Check out the interview in the video embedded here.


There's a lot we could discuss about what the Nanooks really need to do, but getting down to it: It's finishing plays, and playing with poise. The Nanooks are losing games by inches. Coach Ferguson touches on it in the interview, but in the game with Wisconsin, momentum was a huge key the Nanooks couldn't capitalize on. After scoring a goal, they couldn't hold the Badgers off and it was either tied again, or they took the lead back. One of those series where the final score really didn't indicate the type of games that were played.

Ferris State is quite a familiar opponent. A lot of time has passed since the last time the Nanooks squared off with them, but their game hasn't really changed. But getting the Bulldogs on the big ice of the Carlson Center is always a big advantage for the Nanooks.

I will be out of town this weekend and won't be able to watch the games. Raleigh Johnson of the Ice Dogs fame will be manning the PA from the ice in my stead. Hoping to enjoy a fun trip out to Arizona for a week.

Also a big shout out and well wishes for Donald Dunlop over at the UAA Fan Blog. He's run into some unfortunate health issues and is having to leave the state to get himself taken care of. We've often poked fun at one another, but this is just a friendly rivalry. Nothing but the best wishes from me as he gets through this. Cheers, buddy.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Time To Ring in 2016 With Offense

The Nanooks closed out 2015 with a bang. Hell of a good weekend for the boys down in Anchorage ending a seven game winless skid and culled any momentum ACC had coming off their sweep in Houghton.

The Nanooks need to get some momentum going of their own here after the holidays and get some offense going. Getting guys like Marcus Basara and Alec Hajdukovich back on the score sheets just before Christmas was big. Alec had either been a healthy scratch or on the 4th line for a few weeks, and Marcus had not scored a point in the previous 6 games.

The Nanooks took down Anchorage with defense and a stellar weekend from Jesse Jenks, who has likely cemented himself in the starting role. The kid has the calm nerves of Chad Johnson, its unreal. But the last series the Nanooks faced with the Beavers in Bemidji saw a 1-1 split with a total of 16 goals scored on the weekend.

The first series after the break has gone very much in the Nanooks' favor though in recent years. Swept Ferris State last season at home, split with Mankato to start off 2014 at the Carlson Center, and swept Michigan at Yost the first series of 2013 in the last season of the CCHA before going on to sweep Notre Dame in South Bend. I'm sure John Keeney remembers that road trip very well.

Coach Ferguson had the players back in town on the 26th and held the first practice that night. The guys have had some time to get things going in practice without the burden of school on their minds. Hopefully they can rally and start to separate themselves from the bottom of the standings with a much needed 4 points here at home this weekend before playing 6 straight on the road.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Rivalry Week - 'Nuff Said

This week we get to see the Fairbanks/Anchorage rivalry renewed yet again. As many acclaim, its less of a collegiate duel than it is a battle of cities. On one side, the city fanboys who love to look at Alaska out of their windows. Be it their cars, offices, or for the few that can afford to look at Alaska from atop the hillside (hopefully without getting shot).

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Interview with Coach Ferguson

So a lot is going on. The Nanooks are coming off a weekend at home getting swept by Michigan Tech. And coming into another home series against Lake Superior State in the final home series of the calendar year.

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Coach Ferguson and discuss some of the things coming out of last weekend as we look ahead.