Friday, January 27, 2012

Nanooks Stay Classy in 6-3 Slaughter of Notre Dame

Wow. Just wow. If I was in any way affiliated with Notre Dame, I would be outright embarrassed to have student athletes represent my school in the manner that this hockey team showed on the ice tonight. After every whistle, they're pushing, shoving, and running their mouths about how much of a badass their team is, and that Alaska is a waste of their time. Notre Dame's players showed absolutely no respect for anyone on the ice tonight in a horrid display of sportsmanship.

I hope one of the guys sends TJ Tynan a message tomorrow. While that guy scores a lot of points, he runs his mouth writing checks that his body can't cash. I'm sorry, but your 5' 8" 165 lb frame would get torn to shreds if you really wanted to pick a fight with Andy Taranto. I get it, you're aggressive dude. Just shut your trap and show some respect to the team that paid the way for your spoiled ass to get up here, because they just showed you and your team full of draft picks how to play hockey. It wasn't just Tynan running his mouth either, I could start going through their entire roster and start listing crap, but I won't. I'm just calling Tynan out because he was the most pathetic of the group tonight.

I would like to quote out what Odegard said during the post-game press conference in response to my question about keeping guys like Tynan irrelevant: "It's pretty simple for our defensive corps. We try to worry about what our jobs are, and not necessarily about who we're playing, or what their skill level is at. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of big schools that come up here because they don't give us very much respect, and that's evident by the way that they play." I can't put it any better words than that.

That being said, I will say that I'm pretty proud of our guys staying classy and not letting emotions pull them into doing something stupid to give ND the satisfaction. The guys stood their ground, and didn't let themselves get pushed around. They didn't let Notre Dame have a single inch of the 200 feet of ice all night, and drove it down their throats, as Coach Meisner said during the post-game conference, really took the game to them. They could have just as easily scored 8 or 9 goals with some of the opportunities that they had tonight. When you see that the 'Nooks only put up 22 shots on net, that says something about scoring chances.

I think the Nanooks have found their stride as they rack up the goals on a good team and pick up a solid 3 points thus far. The guys put forth a great effort all around and played the most completed game I've seen all year. Including the power play, which went for 50% tonight scoring 2 goals on 4 chances. Kunyk and Taranto really clicked tonight offensively, with 6 points between the two.

Alaska played their brand of hockey, and forced Notre Dame to submit to their will. Looking to tomorrow, I'm expecting to see the same kind of hard fought hockey game. The Nanooks will need to come out with all cylinders firing if they want to send Notre Dame home with tears, no points, and a sore ass.

Listen to tonight's post-game press conference

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Merlin said...

Couldn't have written it any better. We had a ND fan sitting near us that was just as arrogant as Tynan and company. He was running his mouth early and often. So every time the Nooks scored, I made sure he heard me.