Friday, January 20, 2012

Nanooks Night Off Gives Bowling Green 3 Points

Couldn't think of a better way to put it as the Nanooks put up about 45 minutes of uninspired, flat hockey. No drive, no fire, no motivation. Not a good game to bring back to the fans in town. Two soft and completely stoppable goals by Bowling Green got past Thompson. I'll give 'em one, but the other two I have no sympathy for.

An unfortunate bounce and a missed defensive play behind the net allowed Cam Sinclair room behind the net to work the puck in front to Wojtala for the score high blocker side on Bowling Green's first shot on net of the game early in the first. Give BG credit for that one as Thompson couldn't make up for the defensive mistake there. One of just four shots the Nanooks would allow in the first period though as they helped out Steve Thompson a bit better. The positive stat there though was that goal was Bowling Green's first against Alaska in the last 147 minutes that these teams have played against each other. I had to look that up after Greenham's shutout sweep against the Falcon's earlier this year. Not many other positives in here though...

The Nanooks struggle to score continued through the second as Bowling Green started pulling away early with their second of a face off in the Nanooks zone just 25 seconds into the 2nd. A good quick shot by Berkle right off the face off caught Thompson sleeping. Oops.

The slump didn't stop there as a cross-checking minor to Nolan Youngmun opened up the wound, and Marc Rodriguez added the salt with their 3rd goal as Thompson over-pursued the puck and found himself tied in knots before the puck went in the back of the net.

Fortunately the bleeding stopped in the 3rd period as we got our first look at freshman Sean Cahill, who should have poked fun at Andrew Hammond as he got the only shutout. Mind you he wasn't tested much as the 'Nooks started getting back into their swing. Too little too late though, as Aaron Gens' power play goal came a bit too late to really change the outcome of the game.

Not much good to say here, I know. But there isn't much good a guy like me can say about the worst game I've see a Ferguson-coached team play. I'm probably going to get the stink-eye from a few people tomorrow, but I speak the truth. I hope this gut-check starts the fire in the team as they look for 3 points.


Merlin said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I think Lathrop could have beaten them tonight. One word sums up the performance by everyone that played....PATHETIC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this game was not really fun to watch last night, and I hate to agree with you, but they didn't have any fire. Hope tonight has a better outcome.

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