Friday, January 27, 2012

Game Day - And We Are Back

 Game Day Paradise
Live Video: AmericaOne
Live Audio: KCBF 820 
Live Stats:
Twitter: @NanookHockey

I could really get used to having a home series every weekend. It's made the week at work go by legitimately faster, it's been nice. Especially since its been frustrating, to put it mildly. Anyway, with all of that behind us, let's focus on the Nanooks upcoming victory game.

The guys know what they have to do; dig deep and play 60 minutes of hockey. It's all there, the talent, the defense, the offense (as of late). While the power play hasn't been as powerful, the potential is there for some goals to break through.

From a lines perspective, coach Ferguson has paired Beck with Finucci, and Granberg at center. And he moved Taranto back up to the first line with Yaremchuk flanking to the right of Kunyk. The Gehon-Henderson-Meyers line has been restored to its former glory. And Flizen centers the fourth line with Youngmun and Perry on the wings.

Defensive pairings are


Greenham in goal with Cahill backing him up. Summerhays will start in net as Jeff Jackson tries to spite me due to the Katdashian joke in my preview. I doubt that's actually why, but I'm going to say it is.

Anyway. Go Nooks!

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