Friday, October 7, 2011

Game Day: St. Cloud State - Kendall Classic Game 1

Not a bad day here in Anchorage. A little warmer than in Fairbanks, but still as cloudy and dry. The first line sheet turned in for this year is filled with interesting combinations. Some young blood sprinkled in among seasoned veterans. Check the charts below to keep track. I'll put numbers in the first set here, but keep track of the roster for numbers if you want them in future posts (including tomorrow). 

Tonight's games will be on the radio on 820 AM in Fairbanks, as well as online at (click the "Listen Live" link in the top menu, and the subsequent big red button to grab the streaming file. If your computer doesn't know what to do with it, just open it with iTunes and you should be good to go). The games will not stream video online this time around, your only bet for video is if you're in Fairbanks on Fox channel 7 later on this evening after the Baseball playoffs are over.

But be sure to tune into my Twitter feed (@NanookHockey) during the game for live updates.

Alaska Nanooks

F1 26 Chad Gehon - 14 Adam Henderson - 20 Ron Meyers (C)
F2 7 Nik Yaremchuk - 37 Cody Kunyk - 39 Carlo Finucci 
F3 25 Nolan Youngmun - 15 Justin Filzen - 11 Matt Gates
F4 36 Colton Beck - 17 Jarret Granberg - 29 Andy Taranto (A)

D1 24 Cody Butcher (A) - 5 Aaron Gens (A)
D2 2 Justin Tateson - 4 Scott Enders
D3 13 Kaare Odegard - 23 Nolan Kaiser

G1 35 Scott Greenham
G2 1 Steve Thompson
G3 38 Sean Cahill

St. Cloud State Huskies

F1 11 Jared Fester - 19 Drew LeBlanc (C) - 26 Nic Dowd
F2 10 Ben Hanowski (C) - 23 Cam Reid - 22 David Eddy
F3 15 Mitch MacMillan - 13 Jordy Christian - 12 Travis Novak
F4 27 Nick Oliver - 8 Cory Thorson - 18 Garrett Milan

D1 28 Andrew Prochno - 14 Nick Jensen
D2 7 Kevin Gravel - 4 Taylor Johnson
D3 3 Sam Zabkowicz - 2 Jarrod Rabey

G1 30 Mike Lee (C)
G2 29 Ryan Faragher

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Just before the guys got to the rink, check out the locker room land scape. Props to the equipment manager Scott Eastman for setting the guys up in style. The team got the privilege to use the Alaska Aces locker room for the weekend. Gotta admit, that's a pretty cool deal...

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