Friday, October 14, 2011

Game Day - Nanooks Versus Mercyhurst

Sitting here in the announcers booth at ice level, watching the UAA game has gotten pretty interesting. The Seawolves were able to rattle John Faulkner's cage a bit, and they say scoring comes in bunches. Sure enough, UAA popped in 3 in about a span of 5 minutes.

Shifting focus to the Lakers, Tonight's game will be broadcast on the radio via 820am in Fairbanks, and online via the free feed. I've been assured that the issues have worked themselves out, so we should be set to go there. You can also stream the video of the game from It costs a few bucks to cover some of the operational costs The games will also hit Fairbanks airwaves on KFXF Fox 7 on a tape delay courtesy of the MLB playoffs...

Nanooks head coach Dallas Ferguson will start Steve Thompson in net tonight. Which is good, historically the Nanooks have dominated the Lakers in recent years, so if Steve-O can get his feet wet, and if he allows a goal or two, it shouldn't be a huge deal. But anyway, without further ado, here are the lines.

Alaska Nanooks

F1 36 Colton Beck - 17 Jarret Granberg - 29 Andy Taranto (A)
F2 7 Nik Yaremchuk - 37 Cody Kunyk - 39 Carlo Finucci
F3 25 Nolan Youngmun - 15 Justin Filzen - 20 Ron Meyers (C)
F4 12 Garrick Perry - 14 Adam Henderson - 11 Matt Gates

D1 2 Justin Tateson - 4 Scott Enders
D2 23 Nolan Kaiser - 5 Aaron Gens (A)
D3 13 Kaare Odegard - 18 Trevor Campbell

G1 1 Steve Thompson
G2 35 Scott Greenham
G3 Sean Cahill

Mercyhurst Lakers

F1 Ryan Misiak - Grant Blakey - Paul Chiasson
F2 Kyle Johnson - Daniel O'Donoghue - Chris Bodo
F3 Nardo Nagtzaam - Derek Elliot - Zac Frischmon
F4 Randy Cure - Daniel Bahntge - Trent Frey

D1 Kevin Noble - Tyler Shiplo
D2 Patrick Goebel - Charlie Carkin
D3 Grant Gettinger - Nick Jones

G1 Max Strang
G2 Jake Williams

And, for good measure, here's the first look at the Nanooks locker room prior to dressing.

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