Friday, October 28, 2011

Game Day - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

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After yesterday's game, a win seems even more crucial now than it did yesterday as the conference leaders are pulling away while the Nanooks still search for their first win in the conference. It's kind of unfortunate too, especially when you consider how much the Nanooks outshot and outplayed the Buckeyes yesterday in the latter parts of the game. You've got to give Cal Heeter credit. For a goaltender who's never beaten the Nanooks, he sure played like he wanted to. We'll have to keep the pressure on him again tonight, start digging for those 2nd and 3rd chances at the puck and get them to the back of the net.

I haven't received lines yet for Ohio State, but here's the line chart for Alaska.
Alaska Nanooks 

F1 36 Colton Beck - 17 Jarret Granberg - 29 Andy Taranto (A)
F2 7 Nik Yaremchuk - 37 Cody Kunyk - 39 Carlo Finucci
F3 26 Chad Gehon - 15 Justin Filzen - 20 Ron Meyers (C)
F4 25 Nolan Youngmun - 14 Adam Henderson - 12 Garrick Perry

D1 2 Justin Tateson - 4 Scott Enders
D2 23 Nolan Kaiser - 5 Aaron Gens (A)
D3 13 Kaare Odegard - 18 Trevor Campbell

G1 35 Scott Greenham
G2 1 Steve Thompson

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