Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spartan Stomping

After a bit of a heartbreaking loss on Saturday against Lake State, the last conference home stand comes against a scrappy Michigan State who is vying for wins. Spartans head coach Rick Comley is about to retire after an illustrious and a rather successful career, having coached several college student athletes such as the Miller brothers Drew and Ryan, who are playing for Detroit and Buffalo in the NHL, respectively.

With both credit to coach Comley and his Spartans, I hope our guys take no mercy against these guys and paste ‘em on our home ice. At the very least for some momentum and some confidence going forward into the playoffs. 

At this point, I'm not making any prognostications to any playoff implications, etc. Going at this one game at a time will be the most important thing. Looking ahead won't do any good with the conference points race as close as it is, especially with almost every other team having 2 games in hand to decide our fate. 

In a very similar situation, MSU has struggled to find consistency in their season. After taking Miami down on a Friday at home in a huge 7-4 upset, the 'Hawks came back with some stomping of their own, and took the Spartans down to size with a 4-0 rout. 

Same against the Wolverines, especially in the Big House for the "Big Chill" where the Wolverines stomped MSU in the ground 5-0 in front of a crowd of over twice the total population of Fairbanks. Since then, the Spartans have defeated them twice. The list goes on. The last time we saw them, we lost a game and tied and won the shootout in the midst of a controversy over one of their goals being ceremoniously waved off. 

That said, I will be missing my first home games of the season traveling to the lower 48 for a bit of a family tragedy. Hopefully the guys can string together a good run and bring back the Governor's cup for me. 



Anonymous said...

UAA 80-50-11 versus UA_ alltime. 'Nuff said.

Jason said...

Try this on for size: in the 96 years of Anchorage's meager, chest-thumping existence, UAF has existed for 94 of those years So no matter what you do, UAA will always be UAF's little, younger brother in everything. And that drives you poor seawolves nuts.

And keep on counting those W's from back when we played most of our games in a beer league.

Anonymous said...

Last 5 games: 2-2-1
Last 10 games: UAA leads 7-2-1
You guys under Butterbean: 2-2-0 (Dont forget in his first year you went scoreless against us)
Under Dave Shyiak: We lead 9-5-2
Since you guys joined the CCHA(95-96 I believe): We lead again 24-17-6

mmf said...

All these numbers confuse me...who has the CUP?

Jason said...

Win this weekend then try running your mouth. Until then, Scoreboard!

The A-Hole Lawyer said...

Go Nooks -- see you on the B2Net.

Anyone know if Jordan Hendry tweets, FB or has his e-mail.

We want to see him in Chicago or Detroit next month, injured or not.