Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nanooks Force a Tie in the Soo, Take the Shootout and 2 Points on Friday

What'd I tell ya? When the opposing defense stifles your top lines, its the grinders that get it done. I'm not exactly sure what fire was lit in Chad Gehon's skates lately, but I hope he can keep it going. While neither of the goals are credited to him, but he was responsible for making them happen. Creating turnovers, and finding the open guy, he got it done.

While this isn't credited as a win per se, it was a step in the right direction from last weekend. Tonight, the guys have another 3 points to play for, and getting all of them would mean a tie for 5th with Ferris State. While Ferris does have some games in hand, their last 2 series against Notre Dame and Ohio State could mean some lost points for the Bulldogs.

But alas, it's time for crunch time, and the guys need to put some goals on the board tonight. They had their chances last night, but couldn't find twine. Last night, I thought they did a particularly good job of getting second chances. After the initial shot, they collected the rebound and kept things going, kept the puck moving. I like that, and I'd like to see more of that tonight. If they can do it enough to tire the defense and put Kapalka on his toes, good things will happen.

Speaking of good things, did you hear about Anchorage? Yeah, they still suck. Excited for the Governor's Cup series yet? Get pumped.

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