Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pre-Game Distractions

I gotta admit, having a Friday night off from everything was kind of nice. Although I did write the preview, and a bit late, I admit but having the night "off" was a bit relaxing.

I did want to start with something that completely slipped my mind earlier this week, and as a consequence, the video appears to no longer be online...

Jamie and the crew at KXD13 put together an awesome story of the group that profiled the group that brings the humongous Nanook to life at the Carlson Center before each game for the players to skate through as they come on to the ice. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on the video and post it for all to see...

And lastly, Nanook recruit Michael Hill set the franchise goal scoring record for the Santa Fe/Topeka RoadRunners last night, scoring his 29th goal of the season and 60th of his career. Michael and his golden stick will be in action yet again tonight at 4:05PM AKST. Audio (free) Video ($7)

Remember, games are tonight and tomorrow at the Carlson Center at 7:05PM. The Nanooks have an opportunity this weekend to make a move up the conference standings, as Western Michigan got caught looking ahead last night, losing in a shootout to Bowling Green. While Western plays again tonight, all 6 points remain at stake between Ferris State and the Nanooks this weekend, and it's going to be a playoff-type atmosphere for the Nanooks.

“You’re getting really close to the end of the season, so you anticipate close games, playoff-type hockey. That’s got to be our mindset going in,” Head coach Dallas Ferguson said in an interview with the News-Miner. “Every game is not going to be like [last] Saturday, where we get good fortune and a lot of pucks going into the net. It’s going to be tight, close-checking games and we’ve got to be prepared to play in those types of games."

For those out of town, be sure to catch the game via any of the online channels. KSUA (Audio, free), AmericaOne (Video, $7), Twitter (Text, free, interactive).

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