Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nanooks Win the Shootout and the Governor's Cup after a 4-1 Loss

Well ACC got the first goal again tonight, but didn't stop at just one. After scoring four unanswered goals through the first 40 minutes, the Nanooks had some serious soul searching to do. And although they played a fantastic 3rd period, they had just one goal to show for it. A Cody Kunyk power play marker off the rebound that would be the game's final goal.

I hate the fact that it goes to a shootout to decide something this big. It's one thing for an extra point in the conference standings. But another entirely for a title between two archrivals. I'm not in favor of it, but I'll never get my wishes for a best of 3 or 5.

But I'll take it. ACC played a good game. But the shootout experience for the 'Nooks earned the cup victory, the 10th for the Blue and Gold to ACC's 8.


Anonymous said...

So, that's great, you guys keep the Cup and all, but uh, how did your basketball teams do?

Anonymous said...

So what is the prognostication for round 1? MSU is not the best draw for UAF. I would have preferred to see LS win, putting UAF up against OSU in round 1. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

This is a hockey blog, not basketball. Take your ball and go home Seawolf fan . . . that's what we have done with the CUP!!

Britton said...

Doesn't matter. Our basketball teams haven't been relevant in a long time. Fortunately, this is a blog about our hockey team, and only our hockey team. Which, QED, just beat your hockey team for the Governor's Cup.

Just like MSU last week and ACC this week, we seem to do well on Friday, but get in a funk on Saturday. I would have rather seen OSU, or even better, Bowling Green (out of the realm of possibility, but just sayin').

Our guys can beat them, it's been shown. Can we do it twice? I don't know. I'm willing to bet this will go to 3 games. I'd like to assume we'd get 2 wins to advance.

Amanda M said...

Is that all UAA really has to brag about is that their basketball teams beat us? Wooo, congrats, no offense to those who like basketball at the University, but I don't care for it and I really don't care if Anchorage beats the Nooks at it. Hockey is all that matters to me.



Morgan Balai said...
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Anonymous said...

UAA Basketball (WOW) congrats on your team beating UAF good for you ... but I haven't seen y'all play Duke, North Carolina, Ohio State ... until y'all beat some real teams you have no right to talk keep your basketball talk to yourself and quit dribbling drool all over the floor.

Fairbanks is a hockey town and that is the main difference between us and you. We live, eat, and breathe hockey ... UAA doesn't do anything that is worth a damn.

Until UAA does something worthy of our respect you will always be considered the Little Sisters of UAF.