Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving in Columbus - Nanooks Take On tOSU

Ohio State, a university known for football and basketball. Not so much for hockey. Their hockey program somewhat feeds off of the success of the others and nobody seems to really know who they are. After their head coach left at the end of last season, so did their top players. The Zac Dalpe and Hunter Bishop type players have departed and now OSU is struggling to find players to step up and start racking up goals. All 6 of the Buckeye's top scorers are all seniors, and just two of them have surpassed the 10 point mark. Sergio Somma, the Buckeye leading scorer this season, failed to gather a single point against the 'Nooks in their two meetings last year.

Both teams are looking to rebound off of a less than impressive outcome in their respective previous series. Ohio State won a nail-biter in overtime against Michigan State last friday, then the Spartans woke up and pounded them down 4-0. The NMU Wildcats continued their unbeaten streak against UA, but Greenham remained sharp as usual, allowing just two goals in the entire series. The 'Nooks just couldn't bury any of their offensive chances. I'm sure scoring was a point of contention during practice this week, and the 'Nooks took an early trip down to Columbus on Tuesday, so they should have had plenty of time to get acclimated for tomorrow.

Friday's game is at 1:45PM eastern time, so 9:45AM for those of you in Alaska. Saturday will be at a more normal 8:05PM eastern, 4:05PM Alaska. No video this weekend will be available, but Bruce Cech will have the call on 91.5FM KSUA, or online at  Sorry though, no live tweets of Friday's game. I've embarked on a college football tour to watch my favorite team's last two games of the regular season, with the first game going on Friday. I'll have live updates on Twitter on Saturday though. Then I'll have a collective recap posted for both games on Sunday.

Go 'Nooks!

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