Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Gameday

The coaches lunch went well this afternoon. Unfortunately, Red Berenson and Dallas Ferguson both were unable to make it, so it was kind of an informal speech with assistant coach Brian Meisner, and Bruce Cech. But a lot of interesting things to talk about no less.

Michigan vs. Alaska / November 5, 2010




 Michigan logoAlaska logo
Goals28 / 3.5020 / 2.50
Goals Against19 / 2.3814 / 1.75
Power Play21.4%18.2%
Penalty Kill83.3%82.9%
Avg. Height / Weight5' 11.69" / 189.23 lbs.5' 11.26" / 190.67 lbs.
Avg. Age20y 8m22y 5m
CoachRed BerensonDallas Ferguson
Latest Results 10/30 vs. Ferris State ... 3-2 W
10/29 at Ferris State ... 2-2 T
10/23 vs. Nebraska-Omaha ... 6-1 W
10/22 vs. Nebraska-Omaha ... 2-4 L
10/30 vs. Bowling Green ... 4-1 W
10/29 vs. Bowling Green ... 4-1 W
10/23 at Michigan State ... 1-4 L
10/22 at Michigan State ... 1-1 T

Team Scoring Leaders
L. Caporusso2-6-8
C. Hagelin3-5-8
J. Merrill1-6-7
S. Vaughan5-1-6
D. Wohlberg5-1-6
K. Petovello5-5-10
A. Taranto3-4-7
C. Kunyk4-3-7
J. Sova0-6-6
C. Beck1-3-4
Team Goaltenders
B. Hogan3-0-0 1.67
S. Hunwick1-1-3 2.68
S. Greenham5-2-1 1.73
More Info
Radio1050 AM WTKA91.5 FM KSUA
Recent Team vs. Team Result History

The lines from last weekend are pretty much the same. The 4th line is being rotated through, with some speed thrown in down there. Coach talked about the line ups this weekend during the luncheon, and how they translated from last weekend. Justin Filzen, who had a pretty good weekend with Erik Slemp will be paired again together tonight on that line with Nik Yaremchuk, so some good speed through there. Cody Butcher will be in on the blue line once again, and Justin Daigle will make another appearance. All 7 healthy defensemen will dress tonight in place of the injured Michael Quinn, with another potential injury mounting, the coaches will make a game time decision of who to start back in the blue line. Unfortunately, I don't know who that guy is, but after the game starts I should have a better idea.

#14 Alaska

F1 Kevin Petovello (C) - Cody Kunyk - Andy Taranto
F2 Colton Beck - Jarret Granberg - Dustin Sather
F3 Carlo Finucci - Derek Klassen (A) - Ron Meyers
F4 Nik Yaremchuk - Justin Filzen - Erik Slemp

D1 Joe Sova - Aaron Gens
D2 Bryant Molle (A) - Cody Butcher
D3 Justin Daigle - Scott Enders

G1 Scott Greenham

G2 Steve Thompson
G3 Colin Rundell

#5 Michigan

F1 David Wohlberg - Matt Rust - Chris Brown
F2 Carl Hagelin - Louie Caporusso - Kevin Lynch
F3 Jacob Fallon - A.J. Treais - Luke Glendening
F4 Scooter Vaughan - Ben Winnett - Luke Moffatt

D1 Chad Langlais - Jon Merrill
D2 Mac Bennett - Tristin Llewellyn
D3 Brandon Burlon - Greg Pateryn

G1 Bryan Hogan
G2 Shawn Hunwick 

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