Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nanooks Shut Down, Shut Out by Miami

Some days, the bounces just don't go your way. Pat Cannone's pass gleans off of Klassen's skate and gets past Greenham. How do you stop that? Greenham didn't even see the deflection until it was too late, and Klassen couldn't do anything about it.

I give a lot of respect to Miami and their program, but our guys can play with this team. They just can't hang back and wait for Miami to make a mistake to start attacking, because lets face it, Miami doesn't make a lot of mistakes. They've got to up the offensive pressure, continue to get chances and bury a few. They had some good pressure during the third period, especially during the last power play in the 5:00 major to Matt Tomassoni. They maintained possession, and forced their will upon the Redhawks. Sadly, they still couldn't bury a goal despite the chances. Props to Cody Reichard as well, Fairbanks fans know from his time in Junior A for the Ice Dogs how good of a goaltender he is. Cody didn't leave many rebounds to do anything with. If he did, his aggressive style sent him diving left and right to cover up.

The Nanooks outshot Miami 10-2 in the third, with Miami playing a bit more conservative. Today, its going to be about keeping it out of our offensive zone and controlling possession. The guys will have to play a very clean game, and make few if any mistakes.

Assuming Miami does the usual goaltender rotation, the Nanooks may have more to worry about. Connor Knapp has played two games in net against Alaska, and has never allowed a goal. I prefer not to think about that statistic, but he's just as good of a goaltender as Reichard with a history of success against the Nanooks. I would expect to see him in net this afternoon.

Today's game, once again is broadcast live on Fox 7. This one starts at 3:05PM instead of 4:05PM  as it was yesterday. Of course, you've got the always reliable Bruce Cech on 91.5FM KSUA, as well as on the KSUA online webstream from

If you're out of town, you can catch video from as part of a subscription deal with CBS College Sports TV.

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