Thursday, January 21, 2010

RedHawks Come to Town. Here Are a Few Things You Should Know About Miami

Miami is set to leave the confines of the Steve Cady arena sometime this week and head north to the Carlson Center. I honestly think that Miami has the nicest arena in the CCHA, but fortunately, they come to our barn to take on the Nanooks.

The series record isn't exactly something I'm willing to post here, but in football, the phrase "Any given Sunday..." definitely applies here. I think Alaska overall is a much different team than I have seen in quite some time, and we have proven thus far that we can skate with anybody.

I think our team knows what is at stake going into the second half. They have fallen out of fourth place this past week, and are walking the plank of the NCAA at large tournament bids in the PWR and RPI. The Nanooks need to get in gear for this weekend and show the country what we're made of.

Both teams have some pretty strong scoring depth, having at least one goal scored by 16 different players, compared to Miami's 17. What scares me about them though, is they have 6 players with 15 or more points on the season, and 4 with more than 20. The Nanooks defense will have to bring their A-game though to shut these big scorers down.

Miami's captain, Tommy Wingels leads the team in scoring, and he's going to be the RedHawk's key player for Alaska to keep tabs on. Carter Camper and Jarod Palmer are not far behind their junior captain though, and are just as much of a scoring threat.

Last year, the Nanooks travelled to Oxford and left with a split. Two years ago, they came here and the Nanooks were swept. Although, this season, Miami has had some consistency problems coming out of their holiday break. Although, they are coming off a sweep against a Ferris State team that hadn't lost a single game since we swept them back in October.

Historically, we always play Miami very well. It will be interesting to see how the 'Nooks respond after the wake up call they got in Michigan. They obviously played game two much better, so hopefully we can ride that into this weekend and emerge victorious.

Friday - 3-3 T UA wins shootout
Saturday - 2-1 W

The games, as it looks now, won't be airing on Fox 7 (even tape delayed...). I guess that leaves you with B2, and the always faithful Bruce Cech calling the game on KSUA.

B2 Networks Nanooks' page - $7

KSUA Webcast - Free

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