Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nanooks Bring In Two More - Recruiting Update

Two more individuals will be suiting up in Blue and Gold in the future. Adam Henderson, a transfer from Michigan State will don a new jersey next season, and Nolan Kaiser from Camrose Kodiaks of the AJHL will be coming to Fairbanks in 2011.

Henderson, a sophomore doesn't appear on any resources for any of Michigan State's rosters out online for this season. Last season, Adam netted a goal and notched an assist in 27 games for the Spartans. I'm not sure if he got cut, or anything else, but he's 6' 2" and 192 lbs, so he can definitely be a force to be reckoned with. I'd like to know where he was this season. Supposedly, he hasn't left Michigan State, but he's not on their roster for this season. Not sure where he went, but I'm looking forward to seeing him come in next year and see how he skates.


Kaiser appears promising. He joins teammate Erik Slemp in He's a '92 birth year, and -he's the leading scoring defenseman for Camrose, and he is 7th in the AJHL among scoring defenseman with an 8-24-32 scoring line in 48 games played. He also has 73 penalty minutes on the season, averaging less than a penalty per game. Another good looking recruit that Dallas' crew rung in. Nolan won't be joining the Nanooks until the 2011 season, which will be most of our current defense's senior years, so he will still skate with the likes of Joe Sova and Aaron Gens.

As always, kudos to Chris Heisenberg for doing all of the heavy lifting.


Donald Dunlop said...

Henderson left MSU after last season and returned to juniors. He's playing for the Spruce Grove Saints in the AJHL. He's got nice offensive numbers but gauging from the boxscores (I track Spruce Grove regularly) he's got quite a bit of fire in him and takes more than his share of penalties.

He's orginally from Whitehorse. Before his freshman year and choosing Michigan State he paid a recruiting visit to UAA.

Jason said...

We could use a guy with some fire. I wonder if Klassen (another Whitehorse kid) being here had anything to do with his decision.

GoNooks314 said...

Donald, thanks for that. I saw he was in Spruce Grove during his time in the minors, but didn't pick up on that he went back. I kind of picked up on his penalty issues, and I kind of think that may be what we need. Miami walked all over us because of our lack of ability to stand up to their physical play. Honestly, UAA did the same thing last year. I definitely think that we could have done better in that series, but that's in the past (and will be different this year!)

Jason, I definitely agree with that, and that is kind of what I mentioned to Donald. I would like to see us be able to stand up to Miami and not lay over and take the beating that we did against Miami.