Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nanooks Blanked By No. 2 Miami, 5-0

I think the comic above is clearly reminiscent of Dallas's comments after Saturday's game. I posted in my Twitter feed how I had lost some respect for Miami, but the delay of this post is entirely based on the disappointment I have felt in the Nanook skaters in the way they conducted themselves on the ice Saturday.

There were several penalties taken on each side. During the course of the game, I thought Miami was unnecessarily rough with the Nanook players, but the video of the game is pretty indicative that the Nanooks instigated a lot of it. Coach Ferguson said during the post game conference “I understand that there can be a sense of frustration, but I told the guys if you’ve got that type of emotion and intensity, and you use it in the right way, we might not be sitting here feeling the way we do.”

Danny Martin had a conversation in the stands after the game with Andy Taranto, who mentioned that they were basically outworked in every facet of the game. If the score wasn't indication enough, here's a little example.

Although the Nanooks won the majority of the faceoffs that fateful night, puck possession was at a premium, and in Miami's case, if UA had possession, they were going to pay a premium price. The game was about as smash mouth as it gets, especially towards the end. I think the referees let a lot of hits and hooks and trips go for the first two periods, but it got way out of hand at the end, to the point of being ridiculous.

I think Miami is an exemplary team, and they really proved it on Saturday. Our guys have the ability to skate right with them, but Miami simply out played UA in every facet of the game.

I really hate writing about these losses, but I think the fact that Dallas came out to Saturday's post-game conference sans players, that really speaks to a shared level of frustration. He mentioned in his comments that Thompson would get a start next week, and like Dallas mentioned, I think he deserves it. I think Greenham needs a break. I think a lot of Greenham's mistakes come as a result of fatigue, but at the same time, it is Greenham's responsibility to tell the coaches how he is feeling physically. And if he isn't up to the task, he owes it to the team to sit one out.

This next series against Northern Michigan will tell us more about how and where we stand as a team, and if we can get some offense moving. Just 9 points separate the teams between 4th and 10th. Northern Michigan is 7 points behind us in 10th place. Every point, as if it wasn't before, is precious now. There are 8 games and 24 points left to be had in CCHA series. We are two points behind Lake State for 4th place, and we have another series against them in the Carlson Center the last week of the season...

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