Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alaska Nanooks 5, Bowling Green 3

Sorry for this one coming so late. I've been busy as of late having a life. But fortunately that won't last too much longer...

This game went much more like you would have expected Fridays game to go. The Nanooks came on very strong in the first period, notching three unanswered goals. Obviously, some looked better than others, but the real meat of it was UA's power play performance. Although the box score shows 2 of 5, we were really 2 of 4, and both of the power play goals came within 20 seconds of the penalty being called. Dion's goal came 14 seconds after the whistle, and Granberg's came 16 seconds after the whistle. Pretty decent outing coming after a night where we were 0 for 5...

Our offense really clicked in the first period. Passes were making it from tape to tape, and plays were happening. A nice 2 on 1 opportunity between Dustin Sather and Carlo Finucci was capitalized on a nice touch pass across the front of the crease from Sather to Finucci, which put goal number 2 on the board.

I thought the announcers had at least one thing right, saying that we were playing much better on the attack, then when we tried to clamp down defensively and manage our lead. Once we did that, we allowed 3 goals, one on the power play, and two other even strength goals that brought the Falcons within a goal on two different occasions.

Had Dallas kept with the attack from the first period, we could have buried Bowling Green in the second period and not had to worry about BG coming close.

Sorry for such the long delay on this. I've had some live performances of a particular musical in Fairbanks that I'm a part of that has somewhat taken over my life for the last few weeks. The last weekend of shows is this weekend, so the Lake State recaps might be a bit delayed too, but I'll try to keep them rolling. On that note, I won't get to watch the Saturday game, so I'll be recapping solely off of box scores, and potentially a USCHO recap. Game preview to come Thursday.

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