Monday, November 23, 2009

Alaska Nanooks 3, Lake Superior 2

Although I didn't see the game (you can thank High School Musical for that), I heard during intermission that the Nanooks went down 2-0 again, and of course, my heart stopped beating for a few moments. After the show, I get home, and see that Dion knocked in two goals to tie the game, with Bryant Molle notching the game winning goal.

Not seeing this game at all makes it a bit difficult to fully analyze this one, but I think the 'Nooks are faltering a little bit defensively, and potentially in net. I don't want to blame the departure of Chad Johnson, because Greenham is a very capable replacement, but it may take a little while for Scott to play up to Chad's level. He is only a sophomore after all. Coach Ferguson was quoted after Friday's contest saying "I’d like to get that big save when it counts...". I very much agree. As I mentioned in my review from Friday's game, Greenham could have/should have been able to stop two of those four goals and keep it to a much closer game. Not taking anything away from Greenham, he's a great goaltender, but will take some time to perfect his game.

The Nanooks still need to find a way to win on Friday road games. Splitting these series that we should have sweeps in aren't helping us in the standings now, and definitely won't come March.

The Nanooks return home this week for a tough series against a Northern Michigan team that is coming off of a home sweep as they beat down the UNO Mavericks 5-1 and 6-3 on Friday and Saturday respectively.

The Nanooks fell to 12th in all three major polls this week.  PairWise rankings pit us at 14th.

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