Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alaska Nanooks 3, Notre Dame Hunchbacks 1

Just a word of advice to the Irish. I understand the "fighting" adjective and all, but should you choose to get "testy" with the home team, don't do it in front of the student section. Just saying.

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell was in attendance tonight at the Carlson Center, handling the honorary puck drop honors. Chancellor Rogers and AD Forrest Karr gave him a complimentary customized white jersey for coming to our barn, which he promptly put over his tax-funded fancy attire.

Another night of face paced hockey, however, this contest was not as, err, clean, as it was last night, couple with another night of... questionable... officiating. But, coach West said it best, at least they were "consistent"... Consistent? OK, I suppose. UA spent 8 minutes down a man, where ND was deprived for only 4. Filzen got flagged twice, once legitimately, once because the refs apparently felt like it.

But anyway, the penalty kill tonight went really well. Technically, UA killed off all four, but Notre Dame notched their only goal 4 seconds after Filzen got out of the sin bin. Basically a power play goal, but just adds a minus to our players stat sheets.

If college hockey had a goal of the week honor, this week it would go to Andy Taranto. This kid is going to be something special in his career here as a Nanook. His set up pass cross ice from Sova was on the mark, and he put it top shelf stick side. So pretty, it really was.

Classy move of the week? Dion Knelsen giving the puck to captain Derek Klassen on a rush toward the empty net to put the icing on the cake. Dion had a great chance at it, but he let his captain take the honors, and Klassen added a nice big minus for 6 hunchback skaters. Obviously not a requirement, but a very nice, gentlemanly move on Dion's part.

Anyhow, a very good, character win for the Nanooks tonight. This is the way that last nights game should have gone, but you can't win them all.

The Nanooks now head on the road for the next two weeks, facing Bowling Green and Lake Superior State. For those that don't know (I think I touched on this before...), Kevin Petovello and Brandon Knelsen have been out with injuries for this series. I spoke with coach Lance West after the game and asked him about their progress. Sounds like Brandon will be making the trips these next few weeks, but Kevin Petovello is going to be staying in Fairbanks for these trips on the mend.

Also, the gold jerseys that the Nanooks debuted on Halloween, that were worn again tonight, are here to stay. Coach West said during the post-game conference that the 'Nooks are going to be donning the golden sweaters on Saturdays, sticking with the traditional white jerseys on Fridays...

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