Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nanooks Pull in Two More - Recruiting update

The Nanooks recruiting effort has pulled in two more rookies, albeit they won't be joining the team until the start of the 2011 season.

Jeff Earnest signed his NCAA letter of intent (LOI) on October 17th, coming to us from Prince George of the BCHL. The 5' 11" 175 lb 18 year old forward is 16-3-3-6-23 on the stat sheet, and thats all his BCHL stat sheet has to go off of. pulled up no results for the guy either. But, the guy's from Alaska, so he must be good, right?

The other guy, Justin Tateson, a 6' 3" 195lb 17 year old defenseman, who actually signed his LOI back in September, is also in his first year of juniors. Playing for the Drumheller Dragons of the AJHL, he has posted 15-0-2-2-57 stats thus far in his first season. Nothing that really jumps out besides his 57 penalty minutes.....57! That's almost 2 2:00 minors per game! Save for a possible misconduct call or two that I'm overlooking, he looks like he might have a fetish for penalty minutes... Hopefully he'll shape up a bit, but I'm sure our coaching staff had something they liked about him that isn't apparent from his AJHL stat sheet.

For those that found the link that pointed to my blog regarding the 11-team CCHA schedule, I'm sorry but I was asked to remove the post. And understandably so, since I knew about it before the majority of the CCHA members did. Oops. But the scheduling may have to be revised as well for other reasons, so that model may be dumped anyway in favor a newer, shinier one.

Good stuff is on the way too during this off week here on the blog.

As far as games that are happening, ACC plays North Dakota this week, so that should be sufficient humor for the weekend. In WCHA action, Denver takes on Minnesota, who may be looking for revenge after what happened in Grand Forks last week... Michigan also takes on defending CCHA champs BU on Saturday, who got blanked by a different CCHA team last week. Hopefully BU's cranial-rectal inversion went well yesterday...


Goon said...

Does ACC stand for Alaska Community College? LOL...

Donald Dunlop said...

You should know that LOI's are only signed during specific periods in the fall and spring ... one is in November and one is in April ... (I think ... I never remember). So commitments outside of those periods are "verbal" only. Also for a variety of reasons some recruits never sign an LOI.

It's all confusing and weird but that's the NCAA.