Friday, October 16, 2009

Lines for UA vs RMU

Here are the lines for tonight's contest


L1 N. Yaremchuk, D. Knelson, A. Taranto

L2 K. Petovello, D. Klassen, B. Knelson

L3 C. Finucci, J. Granberg, D. Sather

L4 C. Gehon, J. Filzen, R. Meyers

D Lines

L1 J. Sova, A. Gens

L2 B. Molle, K. Odegard

L3 D. Molle, S. Enders

G1 Greenham

G2 Thompson

G3 Rundell

Apparently they are going to go with Greenham tonight instead of Thompson. He should get some ice time though. I'm glad they mixed some of the D lines up tonight. Putting the rookies with the upper classmen. Notably absent from the lineup though is freshman D-man Justin Daigle. Hopefully I will have a reason for that a bit later.

Sitting here watching the mostly empty Carlson Center cheer. An even number of RPI and UAA fans surprisingly. Apparently flights to Fairbanks from New York are pretty cheap right now... That, or their fans are just simply rich...

On another note, I'm told that the boards and the plexiglass at the Carlson Center are going to be replaced at the end of this season. It's bout time....

Also worth mentioning. The new intro video by Mike Martinez, the creator of the space bear intro that got featured on G4's Attack of the Show, is set to debut tonight.

Nanooks face RMU at 7:35PM. Tune into Twitter at for live, in game updates.

Gotta love hockey night in Fairbanks...

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