Thursday, October 1, 2009

Game Preview: Alaska Nanooks vs. SAIT Trojans

Tonight, the Nanooks take on Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Trojans in the Carlson Center. SAIT provided canon-fodder for our rivals to the south last night. UAA took out the Trojans 9-0 last night at the Curt Menard II Memorial Sports Center. The Trojans are looking to come up here for vengeance, but I'm sure they are going to leave disappointed.

The Trojans have been the ACAC (an independant Alberta based athletic conference (Alberta Colleges Athletics Conference)) champions for the last 3 years. The ACAC is a member oexf the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association. According to SAIT's website, they have won the Canadian Colleges National Championship 6 times. Leading up to last night when I listened in on the Trojan-stomping UAA was taking part in, I was assuming that they would actually be a veritable opponent. I don't think I have ever been more wrong about anything.

I have been asked through the week if I had any thoughts about how the game will go. Well I would expect us to dominate as much as UAA did. Hopefully our scoring improves from last year and we could actually amass 9 goals. I'm never one to expect a shutout, but in this case, I don't expect much from SAIT, especially with their morale as bruised as it is now.

W 6-0

Dion nabs a hat trick in this one.

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