Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photos from Friday's Victory Over Bowling Green

The following photos are courtesy of mmf. See more in his online gallery.

Nick Eno sprawling to make a save on chance by Nik Yaremchuk

Nanooks captain Kevin Petovello scores his first goal of the evening.

Dustin Sather comes close on a semi-breakaway. This play would eventually lead to a power play chance for the 'Nooks

Nanooks staying sharp in front of Greenham
Kevin Petovello nets his second goal of the night, to seal the Falcons' fate 4-1

The following photos are courtesy of Paul McCarthy, Alaska Sports Photography

Chad Gehon maintains possession in the offensive zone.

Sova and Yaremchuk work on McIntosh on the backcheck.

Scott Greenham makes a save and covers up a shot by Jordan Samuels-Thomas

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