Friday, November 27, 2015

Preview With a Mix of Recap - A PreCap. If You Will

The Nanooks this season are off to similar starts as their past seasons in conference play. When you look at the first eight conference games...

2015-2016: 2-4-2
2014-2015: 2-6-0
2013-2014: 2-6-0
2012-2013: 4-3-1

Last year, which most consider the best year under Ferguson's tenure with 19 wins didn't start to have that feel until February, the beginning of a 9 conference game unbeaten streak. Early last season, similar woes on special teams frustrated the Nanooks on both sides...

Thursday, November 5, 2015

If History Keeps Repeating Itself...

The Nanooks should sweep this weekend, right? Swept, Sweep, Swept... SWEEP!

Next road series, let's worry about a split. But for now... Keep it rolling.

Last weekend at MSU was a bit of a mess. Friday wasn't as bad as the score made it seem. The Nanooks gave the Mavericks the opportunities they needed on special teams. MSU capitalized and cashed in. Saturday was a much better outing for the 'Nooks. They dictated the pace at points, but in the end they didn't have an answer for their defense.

Northern Michigan, as a team, doesn't look much different than MSU. Similar size, similar schemes. Let's take a closer look...