Saturday, September 15, 2018

A New Era of Nanook Hockey

As the 2018 season comes upon us, we are starting a new era of Nanooks hockey. While there have been three different head coaches in as many years, both Lance West, and now Erik Largen were not new to the program. While I don't personally like how the transition of powers went down in the spring, the team is in a solid place right now. Erik Largen is a hometown guy, an alumni of the program, and has a great mind for the sport. With the addition of Karlis Zirnis and Joe Howe, I'm ready for an evolution of Alaska Hockey. While what that looks like remains to be seen, there is a theme of optimism and positive energy throughout the team right now that is almost palpable.

The Nanooks' first official team practice is Monday, and I'm looking forward to seeing the format and how engaged the team is. Of course this is also the first look at the freshmen, and I'm excited about their potential. With 10 freshman suiting up, that's about a third of the total roster. And there is a lot of talent there that I'll get into at a later point.

I had a chance to sit down with Nanooks head coach Erik Largen to get his thoughts as he prepares to get the season started. I still intend to focus more of my time on these videos as I think they're a bit more beneficial than my written prose, and you get more than just my own opinions. That said, I do want to write more and make this blog a place to visit again.