Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011-12 Schedule Announced

After waiting for what seemed like forever last year, this coming season's schedule has already been announced before the Frozen Four begins. I have one word to say--awesome.

At first glance, you can tell the Nanooks are no longer clustered with the 3 Big Ten teams, and appear to be bundled with Ferris State, Western Michigan, Bowling Green, and Notre Dame. Of which we'll play each other 4 times, once in Fairbanks, and once in their respective barns. As a reminder as well, next year's tournament participants include St. Cloud and Clarkson, then Nebraska-Omaha and Mercyhurst for the Kendall and Brice respectively.

Should be an interesting season. Seems to be a pretty strong first half with a couple of Bowling Greens slipped in there. Here is the pasted schedule from the Nanooks website... What's your take?

9/24/2011BLUE VS GOLD ^Fairbanks, AKH7:00 PMDetails
Kendall Hockey Classic
10/7/2011St. Cloud State %Anchorage, AKN5:07 PMDetails
10/8/2011Clarkson %Anchorage, AKN4:07 PMDetails
Alaska Goal Rush
10/14/2011Alaska Anchorage vs. Nebraska-OmahaFairbanks, AKN5:05 PMDetails
10/14/2011MERCYHURST %Fairbanks, AKH8:05 PMDetails
10/15/2011Alaska Anchorage vs. MercyhurstFairbanks, AKN4:05 PMDetails
10/15/2011NEBRASKA-OMAHA %Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
10/21/2011WESTERN MICHIGAN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
10/22/2011WESTERN MICHIGAN *Fairbanks. AKH7:05 PMDetails
10/28/2011Ohio State *Columbus, OHA3:05 PMDetails
10/29/2011Ohio State *Columbus, OHA3:05 PMDetails
11/4/2011MIAMI (OH) *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
11/5/2011MIAMI (OH) *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
11/11/2011Notre Dame *South Bend, INA3:35 PMDetails
11/12/2011Notre Dame *South Bend, INA3:05 PMDetails
11/18/2011FERRIS STATE *Fairbanks, AKH7:35 PMDetails
11/19/2011FERRIS STATE *Fairbanks, AKH7:35 PMDetails
11/25/2011Bowling Green *Bowling Green, OHA3:05 PMDetails
11/26/2011Bowling Green *Bowling Green, OHA3:05 PMDetails
12/2/2011MICHIGAN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
12/3/2011MICHIGAN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
1/6/2012Northern Michigan *Marquette, MIA3:05 PMDetails
1/7/2012Northern Michigan *Marquette, MIA3:05 PMDetails
1/13/2012Ferris State *Big Rapids, MIA3:05 PMDetails
1/14/2012Ferris State *Big Rapids, MIA3:05 PMDetails
1/20/2012BOWLING GREEN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
1/21/2012BOWLING GREEN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
1/27/2012NOTRE DAME *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
1/28/2012NOTRE DAME *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
2/3/2012Western Michigan *Kalamazoo, MIA3:05 PMDetails
2/4/2012Western Michigan *Kalamazoo, MIA3:05 PMDetails
2/10/2012LAKE SUPERIOR *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
2/11/2012LAKE SUPERIOR *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
2/17/2012Michigan State *East Lansing, MIA3:05 PMDetails
2/18/2012Michigan State *East Lansing, MIA3:05 PMDetails
2/24/2012ALASKA ANCHORAGE #Anchorage, AKA7:07 PMDetails
2/25/2012Alaska Anchorage #Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails