Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Shot at Redemption - Nanooks Shoot for Points in Kalamazoo

 Game Day Info

Not much is changing for the 'Nooks tonight. Odegard will sit out tonight as Cody Butcher will get another taste of the ice as the senior looks for more game time after sitting out most of the first half of the season due to injury. He's been back in the lineup on and off as he gets back into game shape. After a big hit near the end of the 1st period, Odegard will sit out tonight. It seemed like a hard but clean hit to me, but coach must be sending a statement here as the Nanooks look for every point they can get over their last 5 CCHA regular season games over the next 3 weeks.

Taranto is also suited up, as the misconduct called at the end of yesterday's game won't cost him a game tonight.

Good luck to the guys as they take on WMU for a shot at redemption tonight in Kalamazoo, looking for 3 points in a tough environment on the road.

Nanooks equipment manager Scott Eastman passed me a few photos to share of an inside look at the Nanooks locker room at Lawson arena. Check those out after the break.


Jason said...

Wow, they sure did splurge on the locker room at Lawson. Rather surprising for one of the like-minded schools.

I think my closet at home is nicer than that.

Merlin said...

Agreed Jason. My high school locker room was nicer than that and we're talking 1991-1995. I'd be embarrassed to offer digs like that in 2012, even if it is the visitors locker room.

Anonymous said...

did you ever see what visiting teams get at the Carlson Center?

Anonymous said...

Locker rooms are part of the $3.5 mil upgrade at the Carlson.