Friday, February 24, 2012

Game Day Central- It's Finally Here

Game Day Central
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Radio: 820AM Fairbanks / 520AM Anchorage
TV: GCI Channel 1 Statewide (Anchorage tape-delay)
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Series Preview (Danny Martin, FDNM)
Series Preview (Yours truly...)
Series Preview (ADN, non-existent)
Series Preview (UAA Blog, non-existent)

After 6 hours worth of mechanical delays and flight cancellations, I've finally made it to the Sullivan arena. I flew in to the Anchorage airport in style, flying with the one and only Eric Estrada, of CHIPs fame. Pretty fun. He's in town doing a benefit for food programs to support underprivelaged local kids. Dare to Care is the name of the program.

Anyway, its business time. It's rivalry week, and I can't stress enough how intense this series is statewide. Even on the flight down, I was getting high-fives and glares left and right from supporters on each side. Coming from Oregon, its on the same level as the Oregon/Oregon State Civil War football game. Like I said in my preview, the student-organized buses should be arriving in Anchorage anytime now. Yes, plural, more than one. This ought to be interesting.

Chris Brooks, the media intern in the Athletic Department sat down with Dallas Ferguson earlier this week for a preview of this series. I've included the video here.

Lines for each team after the break.

Alaska Nanooks

F1 Colton Beck - Cody Kunyk - Carlo Finucci
F2 Nik Yaremchuk - Jarret Granberg - Andy Taranto (A)
F3 Chad Gehon - Adam Henderson - Ron Meyers (C)
F4 Nolan Youngmun - Justin Filzen - Garrick Perry

D1 Michael Quinn - Aaron Gens (A)
D2 Justin Tateson - Scott Enders
D3 Cody Butcher (A) - Trevor Campbell

G1 Scott Greenham
G2 Steve Thompson
G3 Sean Cahill

ACC Seawolves

F1 Mitch Bruijsten - Matt Bailey - Curtis Leinweber
F2 Jade Portwood (A) - Daniel Naslund - Brett Cameron
F3 Scott Allen - Eric Scheid - Jordan Kwas
F4 Mark Pustin - Kory Roy - Sam Mellor

D1 Scott Warner (A) - Brad Gorham (A)
D2 Quinn Sproule - Corbin Karl
D3 Austin Coldwell - Tyler Currier

G1 Chris Kamal
G2 Dusan Sidor

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Jason said...

Wow, Gunderson isn't even their EBUG. Must be his punishment for quitting against whatever urban directional school in Minnesota that was.