Friday, February 10, 2012

Game Day - Game Info, Preview, & Lines

Game Day Info

So I didn't even get a preview out this week, and believe me I feel pretty horrible about it. A lot going on with work, and teaching a class this semester just puts a guy over the top. 

But anyway, Lake State comes to town this weekend on a bit of an up and down swing, but are 2-0-2 in their last 4, but 3-2-2 in the last 7, which most recently includes a 4-3 win in an exhibition against the USA U-18 team.

Domenic Monardo, a forward who may be all to familiar with the likes of Scott Greenham, having played quite a bit together in juniors, leads the Lakers in scoring. Familiarity with him is pretty high, a strong power forward who hits the net hard. He's got a good stick, and his shot has really improved over his collegiate career. He's scored quite a few points in seasons past, but I'm fairly certain he's never lead the team in scoring, especially this late in the season.

LSSU really seems to be a team that started off strong, but has fallen behind after starting 11-3-2. They're still playing well, but this weekend will be a deciding factor as to where the Nanooks sit on the scale, and which team is playing better hockey at this point in the year.

At this point, its do or die if the Nanooks want to host playoff hockey for the 4th year in a row. Sitting 8 points removed from a home playoff berth with 12 points remaining on the table, and the other teams with 2 games in hand. Chances are there, but slim. The Nanooks need to win out against LSSU and MSU next week for firm chances at home playoff ice. And it starts with the offense, which has been producing well once they've gotten in the right gear. 

Greenham is playing well, exactly how you want him to see him play. Consistent and solid, and the defense will take care of business. The offense has shown that it can get it done, but plain and simple it comes down to who wants it more. Lake Superior State has it now, the Nanooks want it. So let's watch 'em play for it.

Lines after the break.
Alaska Nanooks

F1 Colton Beck - Cody Kunyk - Andy Taranto (A)
F2 Nik Yaremchuk - Jarret Granberg - Carlo Finucci
F3 Chad Gehon - Adam Henderson - Ron Meyers (C)
F4 Nolan Youngmun - Justin Filzen - Garrick Perry

D1 Michael Quinn - Aaron Gens (A)
D2 Justin Tateson - Scott Enders
D3 Kaare Odegard - Trevor Campbell

G1 Scott Greenham
G2 Steve Thompson

Lake State Lakers 

F1 Chris Ciotti - Ben Power - Kyle Pobur
F2 Nick McParland - Kyle Jean - Domenic Monardo
F3 Fred Cassiani - Dan Radke - Colin Campbell
F4 Stephen Perfetto - Kellan Lain - Buddy Robinson

D1 Matt Bruneteau - Andrew Perrault
D2 Kyle Haines - Zach Sternberg
D3 Kevin Czuczman - Zach Trotman

G1 Kevin Kapalka
G2 Kevin Murdock

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