Saturday, November 19, 2011

Despite Superior Play, Nanooks Surrender a Split With a 3-2 Loss

Well the first period didn't exactly go as expected. The Nanooks clearly outplayed Ferris, but the Bulldogs got on the board twice with 2 very opportunistic shots.

Andy Huff made a pretty good play to steal the puck from Trevor Campbell and walked around him to get the score. Just 23 seconds later, right after I get done announcing the goal, Andy Taranto buries the equalizer. Honestly, I didn't even see it, but it couldn't have come at a better time. He was standing just in front of the crease as I looked over, so he had to have been down low.

A bit later in the period, Enders gets nabbed for interference and before he could even sit down, Aaron Schmit catches the Nanooks sleeping with a goal right off the face off. It's not that the 'Nooks were sleeping, Greenham just couldn't see the shot through the traffic in the circle and was just able to find the back of the net. I'll give him credit for the shot, it was pretty good.

The 'Nooks didn't care for it though, and they really picked it up, getting pucks and shots down low, but couldn't buy a goal off of CJ Motte the backup netminder that got the start over Nelson tonight.

Finally, the 'Nooks got the second one through, as Finucci found Yaremchuk who had a little trouble retaining the pass. Finally, he was able to get a pass off, spinning and putting it through the crease to find Grandberg breaking to the net to tie it at 2.

Unfortunately though, the unrelenting offensive pressure couldn't get through the Ferris State goaltender. As the game wore on, Ferris began gaining more and more offensive pressure and getting a few chances, albeit limited. One of them paid off, again shortly off the face off and Andy Huff buried his second of the game, Which was eventually the game winner.

Once it came down to the wire, the Nanooks with 6 skaters just could not hang on to the puck and set up. They kept throwing it down when they felt some pressure hoping to find an open guy, who was nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, the Nanooks come away with a split. Ferris State was very fortunate however, as in every aspect but the scoreboard, they got outplayed tonight. The Nanooks hit the road to Bowling Green, who should be good preparation before returning to the Carlson Center to face a tough Michigan team.

Stay tuned for the recording of the post game press conference.

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