Friday, November 11, 2011

Gearing Up for Nanook Hockey Against the Irish

I rolled into town at about 11AM this morning and hit up the rink and got a bit of a tour of the visiting locker room. This place really is something else. There will be more info as we get closer, but I did want to share a few photos with you. Check 'em out after the break.
The view from Press Row

View from the Nanooks' bench looking up.

Locker room ready to go

Ronnie Meyers locker stall set up

Ronnie's jersey and pads all laid out ready to go

All nice and in a row.

All nice and in a row

Sticks prepped, separated by player.

Skate sharpening table 
Stick prep table

Practice for the Notre Dame players who aren't dressing for the game

I don't know if any of these pictures really do this board enough justice

Equipment Manager Scott Eastman prepping to sharpen skates. 

Scott Eastman sharpening skates pre-game Friday.

More shots of ND players practicing mid-afternoon

These guys were out there for quite a while, removing every visible mark from the glass. Scrubbing and working until you can barely tell that there is glass there.

Seriously, this place has class written everywhere. The most interesting part, not a single ad on the boards, or anywhere else around the rink that my eye could see. From the fan's perspective, the best part has to be the 3rd story club, a full menu grill with drinks and table seating over looking the entire rink. Sadly, its on the exact opposite side of the press booth...

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Jason said...

Looks like a beautiful facility. Hopefully, within the next 50 years or so, we can get something like that on the UAF campus.