Friday, November 18, 2011

Bulldog Beatdown - Nanooks Win Their First in Style 2-0

Well, I felt pretty bad about not getting a preview or a pre-game post up with all of the info like I normally do. Hockey superstition would dictate that I don't write either of them again, but we'll just have to see how that goes.

Sorry for the delay in getting this post up, but with the harsh temperatures, power and internet connectivity has been somewhat sparse. So far this morning, so good...

But to the game from last night, the Nanooks really came out swinging hard. They had some solid passing in the first stanza, and they were really crashing the net hard. In fact, 6 of their first 10 shots came within just a few feet of the crease.

While the Nanooks were able to keep play tight, and maintain possession. Eventually it paid off, and Colton Beck got one past Nelson on about the 3rd rebound chance. Kunyk and Finucci each got chances in tight, but the second popped toward the right post and Beck was able to bang it in I believe they call them garbage goals, which is exactly what we need be doing, cleaning up the garbage.

Conversely, the Nanooks D was doing a stout job of cleaning out the garbage at the other end to keep the Bulldogs off the board for the first 40 minutes. "We've really been focusing on taking sticks and bodies in front of the net. And when they were really crashing the net, all 5 of our guys did a really good job of coming down and taking sticks" said freshman defenseman Trevor Campbell during the post game press conference when asked about strategy to prevent chances.

Speaking of defensemen, Aaron Gens had a golden chance go off the right post during the second period. He was set up with a glorious feed, and just missed it as it gleaned off the pipe. He had Nelson beat the entire way, too. Ferris State got tighter at the point and really prevented the defensemen from pinching down as the game wore on, because they knew that Gens wouldn't miss that shot the second time.

Finucci drove the nail in the coffin there in the 3rd period as Yaremchuk threw the puck into an open area. Finucci did a great job reading it, and beat the charging defenders to the puck, which gave him the middle lane to himself. His wrister beat Nelson high stick-side for the seal.

What a game for Greenham too. In a game where they were outshot, the 'Nooks did a great job coming up big in front of Scottie tonight. As Trevor said, they collapsed down, and did a good job taking sticks and bodies and got the trash out of the way. In the few chances that Ferris State legitimately had, Greenham stood tall and made the big save when he needed to. And as a result, they put up the goose egg. Not to take anything away from anyone, but it wasn't that much different than the games that the Nanooks have lost this year, they were just more consistent this evening and didn't get caught out of position. Ferris State clearly did their scouting report and did what they could running around the back of the net and constantly cycling. In previous games, the Nanooks were caught chasing, but they did a great job of staying and not giving up their position.

Although we didn't capitalize, the power play is also looking a lot better. A lot more motion, and a lot better passing. We generated one chance on our lone power play, but they weren't able to regain control of the puck to keep it going. But conversely, Ferris State doesn't have the best penalty kill for nothing, either.

Tonight, they need to carry the momentum in and hope to come out with a sweep. With an effort like last night, I wouldn't expect anything less than 3 points. They just need to keep the pedal to the metal even when they have the lead. I thought they started to get comfortable last night, and started to lay back. Let's hope this is just the beginning of great hockey. And hey, the 'Nooks are no longer last in the CCHA!

Listen to the Post Game Press Conference

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