Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NCAA Regional Nanooks Television Coverage

If you didn't see my comment in the previous blog entry, or if you didn't see my post on Twitter, the game on Saturday *WILL* be broadcast on KFXF FOX 7 in Fairbanks and on GCI Cable Channel 1 statewide. The thing still persists, but you can also catch the game on local TV. Huge thanks to Scott Roselius, and all his staff down at TVTV for making this happen, which also includes Seekins Ford for stepping up cash for title sponsorship on such short notice. Seekins has done a lot of great things financially for the program, so a huge shout out for them. Catch the press release below...

Fairbanks, AK- Continuing it’s leadership role in local sports broadcasting, Tanana Valley
Television & Radio announces today it has secured the rights to broadcast the upcoming Alaska
Nanooks’s NCAA Hockey playoff game vs the Boston College Eagles. The game will air
“live” this Saturday, 3/27, on TVTV’s KFXF FOX 7 station at 9:30am AST. 
“After three days of logistical coordination, we are thrilled to be able to bring the Nanook’s first
-ever NCAA Hockey playoff game into the living rooms of Nanook fans all around the state,”
says TVTV broadcast coordinator, Scott Roselius. “It took several days to coordinate this
broadcast with ESPN,” added Roselius. “We weren’t sure we could pull it off at first, but kept
persevering. A big thanks to our engineer, Dave Sala, for technically finding a way to make this
broadcast happen. A big thanks also to Seekins’ Ford for stepping forward to be the title spon-
sor of this 11th hour venture. 
Via TVTV’s arrangement with GCI Cable, FOX7 also will feed the broadcast to GCI for re-
broadcast “live “ statewide on its menu Channel 1. For more information on the broadcast
contact Scott Roselius at 907-374-1511.
 The "live" statement solely means that there will be some transmission delay, as you can expect. Probably not more than 30 seconds or so. Much better than the tape delay ESPNU is airing...

Also, if you can't get enough of the media rolling up to the game, check out this weeks rendition of Inside the CCHA. Dallas Ferguson makes his presence known, conversing with host Fred Pletsch about the Nanooks first bid to the "Big Skate".

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pjwertz said...

Love the crew at Fox 7! It's amazing the support they give to the program. We might not have the biggest or best program but the community support is beyond awesome! Thank you again Fox 7!