Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Game Day

Gotta love Fridays. Nanooks take to the ice tonight in Marquette, Michigan at 7:35PM ET (3:35 AKT) to face the Northern Michigan Pussycats. I hate to say it, but this will be one of the few games I won't be able to cover. I was hoping to try to swing my flights for my business trips around so I could have a layover in Marquette, but, that didn't work out. So, for everyone that I told that I was going to be able to get to the game, I couldn't get flights in on time, so its not going to work out. So anyhow, I'll be 30,000+ feet in the air the entire time the game is going on, so for about 2 hours, I'll be anxiously awaiting landing to catch the score of the game.

So for my faithful Twitter followers, tonight won't be Tweetcasted as normal. Unless they have Wi-Fi on the plane, which would be awesome, but for Alaska Airlines, I won't hold my breath just yet.

For the folks that don't have plane and game tickets to Marquette, you can catch the radio broadcast for free online at, or, you can check out the B2 broadcast for $8 (playoff games are $1 more than their normal $7 cover charge).


Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who has no luck with the B2 feed? I can stream everything else without a hitch, but the B2 stopped working for me about half-way through the season.

pjwertz said...

I was curious about B2 as well. I've heard from several people that it doesn't work to well but haven't tried it really thinking about it this afternoon.

Orlin said...

Don't count on a win Nanooks: Hockyness Love from Marquette! (PS love your state and Sara)