Friday, December 4, 2009

Paula Weston Has No Idea What She Is Talking About

You know what really grinds my gears? Journalistic incompetence, for one. Now, I'm a blogger, I can spew anything about anything and it doesn't matter because nobody pays me to do this. I do this because I absolutely love watching our team, and watching them defeat ACC five years in a row (longest Governor's cup streak in the history of the Governor's cup) brought enough joy to my heart that I couldn't take Eric Carlson's departure without doing something.

But anyway, in Paula Weston's weekly CCHA ramblings for this past week, she took the opportunity to royally piss me off. Perhaps it's because I called her out last week, but perhaps she's just too upset over the Nanooks shutting out the Michigan Wolverines that she's just had a prejudice ever since.

At this point, read the linked article above before you go on...


Alaska has trouble scoring?! Seriously?! Maybe standing points, but the Nanooks have the third highest scoring average in the CCHA, four spots above mighty #1 Miami. Sure, we are having a little more difficulty stopping goals this season, but scoring is certainly not our problem. I love the fact that she mentioned that, then said one paragraph later that Andy is the greatest rookie on the planet. Which, he is, I'll get to that in my next post today, but seriously, give me a break.

I have yet to read a post from her that has been positive about Alaska. Sure, the number 9 ranking may have been premature, but that's how rankings are, they are done weekly, and shift constantly throughout the season. Fortunately, we haven't gone from on the list *cough* Michigan *cough*. If her articles aren't surrounded by her beloved Wolverines (which she managed to muster a section, including video, devoted to the dumb-helmets), they pretty much sink every other team. And it drives me nuts because she is the beat writer for the whole CCHA, not just Michigan... Get with it.

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