Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chad Johnson Makes His NHL Debut

If you have the ability to tune in to the Rangers-Flyers game right now, Chad "Dos Nueve" Johnson replaced NHL veteran and Swedish Olympic net minder Henrik Lundqvist after a shaky first period. Chad had a bit of a shaky start, allowing the first shot in against him, but since then, he's made four saves.

The game is airing now and have about 15 minutes remaining in the 2nd period, and the Rangers trail 4-0, only one goal being allowed by Chad.


GoNooks314 said...

After being sent down to Hartford after this game, and two stellar starts (mind you, he got the starts over Lundqvist's prior backup) with two more wins for the Wolf Pack, he goes back to the Rangers, and may be rumored to start against Dallas tomorrow to save Henrik for the division game against Atlanta on Thursday.

An interesting development...

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