Friday, December 11, 2009

Gold Jerseys

Sorry for not doing the news or the skater of the week, I'll save my skater for next week. I also wanted to do a "report card" of our skaters during the break, but since ACC's blog already did that, well, I might have to find a better system.

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Anyhow, many Nanook fans, like myself, have expressed interest in purchasing one of the new Gold jerseys the Nanooks donned this year. The Face-off club wasn't planning on selling them this year, but if the interest is high enough, they will be selling the jerseys that the team is wearing now at the end of the season.

Here is the original email from the Face-Off club with all the details:
Interest has been expressed by some fans about getting one of the new Gold
Jerseys.  The Face-Off Club purchased these for the team.  Consideration was
given to the fact that since they are only worn half the time they could be
used for at least two seasons.

But, because of the interest, we are considering selling the current set and
ordering a new set.  Per NCAA rules we can't sell jerseys of currently
eligible players with their nameplate, so all except the seniors would be
sold without the nameplates at the end of the season.

The cost will be $250 (the cost of jerseys increased substantially last
year).  This is just an informational survey to see if there is sufficient
interest to warrant selling enough jerseys at the end of the season to make
this viable.  No decision has been made yet.

Dale Anderson ( has volunteered to coordinate this
survey and if you would be interested in purchasing a gold jersey, he would
like to hear from you.

We estimate that we will need to sell about 21 jerseys to make this endeavor
worthwhile at the end of the season.

So, please let Dale know if you are interested.  And, he'll also need to
know if you are interested in a specific jersey (i.e., I only would be
interested in buying one if I can get #19-Steve Moria's jersey) or if you
can't get your favorite players number,  if you'd be interested in another

So, please let Dale Anderson know.  His email is and
his work phone number is 474-2413.
 Definitely a great opportunity to get your hands on a players jersey. Per NCAA rules, you're not guaranteed the jersey of your choice, since they can't hold a specific jersey for sale, but your request will be noted. 

So if you want a jersey, get cracking. They need 21 people or none of us get one, and I'll be forced to buy more.

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