Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Night Rumblings

Parayko looked good in his first real action in a Blues sweater. He got a lot of ice time in all three phases, took couple of shots (both at the puck, and at some opposing players...). Good to see... I'm very happy for him. Like Kunyk jumping straight into NHL action, I hope its not TOO soon. But getting the stint in the AHL last season to get a glimpse at the pro life before coming into camp this year was probably great for him. He is even more beastly than he was during his time here.

On to the Kendall, I'm headed to Anchorage in the morning. Pretty confident in our guys, hoping they can step up and get it done against SCSU. Not that we played poorly in the exhibition, but I would like to see more of a defensive effort. Allowing 37 shots to SCSU isn't going to yield 0 goals against. 'Nooks need to maintain possession, keep it moving, and make smart passes. Dump and chase is necessary at times, but if the guys can get on it and make quick transitions, I don't think SCSU can skate with us... I'm curious to see who gets the first shot between the pipes. I think all three of our goaltenders look really good. Keeney had some seriously glorious moments last week in that 3rd period. Jenks was tested a bit too with guys getting in his face and cutting his visibility. But I still think its Davis' job to lose. Decisions like these though make my glad I'm not the coach..

No idea what to think of ASU yet, obviously sticking around for the Friday night game though between them and UAA so I'll have at least some idea for Saturday. A lot of transfers from other schools, but not sure how many of them are eligible or not...

Bold predictions here....

Friday 3-2 Win
Saturday 4-1 Win

We shall see..

Go 'Nooks!

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