Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sean Cahill Blanks the Broncos, Nolan Kaiser With the Winner

What a game for Sean Cahill. The senior goaltender made 34 saves to preserve the bagel coming up big throughout the game. Especially in the 3rd period, the 'Nooks had a HUGE penalty to kill towards the end of the game that Western Michigan started just pumping shots on goal left and right. By my count, they had 7. But I was watching the feed on my phone so my count may be off. Regardless, he stood on his head when he had to and kept the Nanooks in the game.

It's late Saturday morning here in Fairbanks as I'm finally able to watch the game for the first time. I usually am able to watch, or at least listen to Friday's games however I was trapped in meetings all day on Friday and couldn't tune in.

But I caught the 3rd period and the play of the game with Nolan Kaiser taking the swing pass from Parayko across the point then letting it go with a booming shot pinching in from the point down towards the slot buries the puck under Hafner's pad. The goal would stand as the game winner, despite Western Michigan's attempts to prove otherwise.

The second game is just a few hours away at this point. The Nanooks will have a pissed off Broncos team to contend with who have now lost 3 straight coming into tonight. Hard to imagine anyone but Sean Cahill playing in goal for the 'Nooks. The question remains if any changes are made to the offensive lineup. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for some (better today) live game updates, including some pregame chatter.

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Anonymous said...

Let's go. How about another comeback? Vieth where you at?