Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nanooks Fall Short 2-1 to NMU

I thought NMU played with some better pace tonight, which may have caught the 'Nooks by surprise.

Tyler Morley knocked home the first one on a great give and go with Perry after Garrick made the steal just inside the Wildcat blue line. But NMU had 2 unanswered as the progress the Nanooks were making with penalties was all of a sudden reversed. 

8 Nanook penalties tonight, again in key moments when they hurt momentum the most. 3rd period especially when you're trying to make a comeback then 3 penalties one after the other put a big damper on that. I was hoping, like many, that the momentum from the three successful PK's would generate the momentum but the Wildcats deserve a little credit at least for weathering the storm. Although it wasn't much of one. 

The biggest downfall was the lack of flow to the game. And that goes for both sides, although perhaps more noticeable for the 'Nooks. Too many missed passes and turnovers tonight for Alaska to win the hockey game. 

With 4 power play chances, the 'Nooks put just 4 shots on net. Errant passes, poor entry, and a lack of movement makes it hard to create scoring chances. That should be an emphasis going into Lake State next weekend, who just got their world rocked by Wisconsin 8-1 for their first loss of the season. 

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