Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bounces Go Lakers Way, Nanooks Fall 4-1

Yesterday's loss to the Lakers mark the 3rd loss for the Nanooks on the season and their second loss in a row. But for the first road trip of the season, I was impressed with the legs and the energy the Nanooks had after their 26 hour roadie and 3,967 miles between the two cities.

I thought the 'Nooks had good legs in the first and second, and honestly took it to LSSU for the first 32 minutes, including a beautiful play by Nolan Huysmans with a great read by Trevor Campbell as Nolan made the steal at the blue line, and got around the defender. Campbell read the play from the slot and started bombing down ice to get in the play forcing a 2 on 1. Then Huysmans made a great no-look saucer pass over the defender's stick, fooled Kapalka who over-committed and Campbell made a phenomenal quick tap to the top shelf to go up 1-0 six minutes into the 2nd period.

Then a quick turnaround off a center ice turnover sent the Lakers back the other way on a 3 on 2 that pinballed through traffic before Alex Globke put it in the back of the net for his first of two on the evening. Things just started spiraling after that.

At the end of the first period, shots on goal were 7-6 in the Nanooks favor. 12:12 into the 2nd period the Lakers registered their 8th shot on goal which made it past Jones. The Nanooks were up 16-8 at that point in the game. And the gap would further close from there as the Nanooks couldn't get step back on the gas pedal. Then by the end of the second period, the 'Nooks found themselves down 3-1. Then the 4th goal dagger pounded into the Nanooks hearts 5 minutes into the 3rd.

The other thing to point out here is the Nanooks were 0 for 8 on the power play. Now Michael Quinn did put one past Kapalka late in the 3rd, but the officials took a look at it and waived it off. I have no idea why. I must have watched the replay a dozen times myself looking at the positioning of Nolan Huysmans who had the screen in front. I'm assuming here that they called no goal because he was in the crease, but Nolan did not impede the movement of the goaltender which by rule is allowed.

73.1 Interference on the Goalkeeper - A player of the attacking team may stand
on the goal crease line or in the goal crease, or skate through the goal crease,
unless, in the opinion of the official, the player is physically or visually
preventing the goalkeeper from defending the goal.
PENALTY—If a goal is scored, it shall be disallowed. Faceoff at the
nearest neutral zone faceoff spot.
The issue I have here is the word visually. Every team in hockey is planting a forward to screen the goaltender while attacking. And Kapalka reacted to the shot so he did see it at some point. As an official, how do you call that? If they ruled that Huysmans visually prevented Kapalka from making the stop, that's the most inconsistently ruled play in college hockey.

I hope the boys use the emotional fire from this and unload on the Lakers tonight. If they can stay on the gas, they can take the Lakers down.

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