Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nanooks Win a 4-2 Thriller Over MSU in Final CCHA Game

What a game. Goals, drama, it had it all. After Taranto sat on an interesting roughing the goaltender call (which just could have easily gone to Yanakeff, honestly) and an extra 10 minutes tacked on for some antics. Anyway, that got TO going and he just goes on a scoring rampage with a pair of power at goals.

After a pretty clean game last night from a penalties perspective, tonight was the exact opposite. After Taranto buried the game winner, Yanakeff headed to the bench and Kunyk fed the Nanooks captain and former Spartan Adam Henderson who did his best impression of Aaron Voros flashing his jersey as he skated by the Spartans bench.

The officials gave him a minor for unsportsmanlike, which should have just been the end of that but a few players seemed to have taken exception to it started going at it, most obviously was Jake Chelios who dropped the gloves and went at it with Nolan Kaiser. Chelios eventually lost his jersey, shoulder pads, and everything. All that he had on when he went to the locker room for top gear was his under armor shirt, and one elbow pad. Everything else including his jersey was rounded up off the ice after everyone cleared.

Not really a fight per se, but certainly a lot of built up drama as the emotions fly there at the end. Interesting to see what or if anything else happens.

Big series next weekend with the Seapups who just got swept by the infamous bye week. More on that later. Go 'Nooks!

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