Friday, February 22, 2013

Nanooks Can't Break Through, Shutout by MSU 1-0

I was personally hoping that the Nanooks would have taken a note from Lake Superior State's book last week and get off to a fast start and punching one in early, but not so much the case. Some tight checking hockey doesn't leave a lot of room for transition, but each team got their fair share of chances. Unfortunately, the Spartans were able to capitalise on what I thought was a pretty soft goal.

Created by a forced turnover at the Nanooks own blue line by John Draeger., Michigan State was able to trap the Nanooks fourth line on the ice for a good chunk of time and tiring them out.

After Draeger made the play at the blue line, they made a quick dash at an undefended John Keeney. Matt Berry made the initial shot that Keeney stopped, but after leaving a rebound, Greg Wolfe got a stick on it and snuck it past Keeney's left pad for the go ahead goal.

The second and third periods saw the Nanooks piling up the scoring chances left and right. But people and posts kept getting in the way. Definitely not a lot of puck luck going the Nanooks' way tonight. But give credit to Yanakeff and the Spartans defense. They allowed a lot of shots and chances, but the important part was the fact that none of them went in the net.

I thought the Nanooks effort was there, but just not the results they wanted. They'll get 'em tomorrow...

Until then, GO 'NOOKS!

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