Sunday, December 2, 2012

'Nooks Blanked 4-0, Swept At Home by Miami

It's a pretty hard deal to recap a game like that, but a much different start to the start of game 2 as the Nanooks took play to the RedHawks for most of the first period. The 'Nooks had a couple of power play chances, but cycling 4 forwards and a defenseman on the unit, they weren't able to get a goal in 3 chances in the first stanza.

In the second period, things didn't start as well. 2 quick penalties to Taranto and Atkinson put the Nanooks down on 5 on 3 and the RedHawks were able to capitalize as Wideman found the back of the net. Miami had a power at goal waved off earlier after it trickled the goal line on the power play as well.

The Nanooks had some chances in the 3rd, but weren't able to capitalize. The Nanooks kept up the pressure, which was going well until Miami started to catch on and it burned them. Czarnik's dive to poke the puck up to Jimmy Mullin for his breakaway goal is a perfect example. 'Nooks got caught with too many guys down low, and left the point open and it was exploited.

Honestly it was a good hockey game, and Miami has a hell of a team. The 3rd period just got away from them. But that's not an excuse for the 'Nooks getting swept at home. 0/7 on the power play tonight, even while running 4 forwards on the power play unit. Something has got to be done there. Not getting a win since  November 16th destruction of WMU? 6-2-1 in that span since the Brice? 0-4-1 in the last 5 says that something needs to change. I'm hoping that Bowling Green can be a good opportunity to get the ship back on the right course. Because not too long from now, the 'Nooks will have Michigan, Notre Dame, and Miami all on the road in the span of a month...

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