Friday, December 7, 2012

Hammond Stops 39 as the 'Nooks Fall to BGSU 3-2

Still curious as to where the Nanooks from October went. I couldn't tell you if I tried. I'm not sure where this slump is coming from but the guys did not seem on their game to start the 1st period. Fortunately, BG only got one in the net as much as it pains me to say that.

A mishandled puck down low as the Falcons were able to get Cahill out of position with the passing lanes wide open. And Bryce Williamson had basically an open net to put it in.

With a bit more jump in their step, the Nanooks started going to work in the second. And the 4th line getting it done as Max Dumond got his first career goal poking it in off of a rebound from Hajdukovich's shot from the circle.

Then a few defensive lapses let in two soft goals in rapid succession from BG forwards Mohler and Cooper put the Nanooks in a 3-1 hole.

Into the 3rd was really when the Nanooks started to pick it up and taking it to Bowling Green. I think the Falcons managed maybe 3 shots on goal to almost 20 for the 'Nooks. One of which was deflected by Chad Gehon into the net.

While the 3rd period surge for the 'Nooks was a long time coming, it came too little too late as BG was able to cling to their lead.

I don't really have an excuse to give for this team, because I really don't understand why the 'Nooks are falling flat as of late. They just look uninspired, some more than others. Maybe it takes a loss to a team like BG, who I hoped just opened their eyes. You can't play down to your competition. If you want to win big games, you have to win the small ones too. You can't blow leads or skate for half a game and still expect to win. It takes 60 minutes of hard work, something I haven't seen quite a while.


mmf said...

When all is said and done we will probably be near last place in the CCHA as the media and coaches polls predicted. No goaltending, lazy defensive play, and a team that lacks leadership and character. Even the band members have quit showing up…”tequila.”

Anonymous said...

Only thing you forgot is a sure sign of a struggling team, first in league in foolish penalties. Once again a NOOK team that got our expectations built up only to let us down. At home no less!

Jason said...

These guys haven't been the same since losing the two-goal lead against Western Michigan. Whatever it is, suck it up and put the big boy pants on and go into the break with a W.

With our schedule in January and the way these guys have looked the last couple weeks, tonight is literally our best shot for points before about early February.