Friday, November 16, 2012

Nanooks Go Beast Mode, Trample WMU 6-1

The Nanooks looked pretty sharp in their camo jerseys. Interesting design, but I can dig it. They're up for auction online as well if you're interested in picking one up. Starting bid on those is $250, which seems a little steep but I know those jerseys aren't cheap either.

Well I'll do my best to recap the game based on what I heard from Bruce Cech, and what I'm getting from my followers on Twitter. Big thanks to Amanda McColley for picking up the tweeting for me tonight. Kind of hard to keep fans up to date from 33,000 feet in the air, but with the marvel of in-flight WiFi I wasn't completely left in the dark.

The first period had some chances going both ways, but the Nanooks seemed to have the majority of the quality scoring chances. And perseverance on the play pays off as Granberg's pressure took the puck away and sent it the other way as Granny went stride for stride with freshman Nolan Huysmans, and Jarret put that puck on a platter with a sweet saucer over the defender across the slot, and Nolan buried that chance.

In the second, the referees gift wrapped a few penalties for the Broncos, and put bows on a couple of power plays as early Christmas presents. The 'Nooks would kill the first one, but not the other as Chase Balisy buried his 3rd of the season.

The 'Nooks had the first 3 penalties called on them through the first 27 minutes of the game, but a penalty to DeKeyser at 7:13 of the 2nd period after tripping up Colton Beck would give the Nanooks their first power play chance of the game. However, they were unable to capitalize.

But, just a few moments later, Andy Taranto with a total beauty. Going in 1-on-3 over the blue line waiting on his teammates to come in on a change from the bench, but trying to just keep the play alive, he played the puck off the boards, it came back to TO's stick, and he backhanded a beaut over the glove of Frank Slubowski to go up 2-1 unassisted.

But Kaare Odegard was called for sort of a phantom call on a great hit as the officials flagged him for indirect contact to the head with a high stick. No big deal though as the 9th ranked penalty kill took care of it, and Odie would get even on a play set up beautifully by Nolan Youngmun going around wheeling behind the net, dishing the puck in front of the net back the other way, finding Odie wide open on the point fresh out of the box. Blasted it, and like that, the 'Nooks are up 3-1.

As the 3rd period was starting, the plane I was on was landing in Seattle and I'm trying to get the radio feed to stream in on my phone, but not having a whole lot of luck. I finally get it going shortly after the puck was dropped and all I heard was goal horn. It was an interesting moment of excitement. Shortly after that, I realized the score was now 5-1 after the always entertaining Bruce Cech exclaimed that the 'Nooks buried goals 13 seconds apart in the first 30 seconds of the 3rd period. While that doesn't quite eclipse the 8 second record mark set years ago against BGSU, that is the quickest mark in this current season, and quickest that I can remember in recent history. I remember a game a couple of years ago where two goals were scored 11 seconds apart. It's certainly been a while though.

Those two goals were ratcheted off by Nolan Huysmans (his 2nd of the game), and Nolan Kaiser, the 1st of his career. Also, best wishes to Nolan and his dad, who I understand went through his final surgery this week. Here's to the Kaiser family, hope he's on the road to recovery and doing well. I'm sure getting that goal helped dad feel a little better! Hopefully he remembered to nab the puck. Tape it up and send it home!

Moving on further into the 3rd period with about 9 minutes left on the clock, senior center Jarret Granberg extended the lead to miraculous-comeback levels, now up 6-1 as the 'Nooks now move back up to 2nd place in the CCHA standings once again with the chance to at least get to tie Notre Dame for 1st place as they're off tomorrow after sweeping Michigan at Yost.

Well I'm on my last flight now, up at about 34,000 feet on my way from Seattle back up to Fairbanks. I'll be back in the booth calling tomorrow's game on the PA as usual. Thanks to Ben Nelson for covering for me. Mexico was nice and warm, Fairbanks is not. -27 as of this writing at the Fairbanks airport. But, with the 'Nooks on fire like this, it might just warm up!

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