Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nanooks Blanked 0-2

You could tell both teams came ready to play for the second game. The game was a lot more even in terms of skating and shooting.

Western got themselves on the board at 18:56 into the 1st period ... and the 2nd period. Both on the power play, both on one-timers from same side. Kind of eerie.

Not really much to say. Nanooks got 33 shots on goal, yet, couldn't get any of them past Kuhn. Some good scoring chances, and obviously none went in. That's how the night went.

This game was Kuhn's first career shutout in a Broncos jersey.

Tough fought game but the 'Nooks will have to swallow this weekend and start prepping for the big two week road trip, taking on Michigan and the Hunchbacks from Notre Dame. The 'Nooks get just one of the six points out of the weekend going forward. Points are at a premium, but fortunately, most of the remainder of the schedule will be in the friendly confines of the Carlson Center.

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